What does a B2B SEO agency do in 2024?

A B2B SEO agency assists businesses in obtaining higher organic traffic and generating additional website leads using various optimization methods. In B2B, an SEO agency focuses on five key areas: Website audit, Keyword research, Competitor Analysis, On-page, Technical, and Off-page SEO.

How do I know if I need a B2B SEO agency?

New online businesses aren’t happy with the leads they’ve generated. If your business falls into that category, there’s no need to worry. While running a B2B your only organic traffic may not be the potential traffic you thought to be.

Are the visitors to your website transitioning into customers? What is the ratio of conversion with your traffic?

So, as a B2B SEO agency, we are here to get you covered with multiple lead-generation SEO tips that work for any B2B.

What is the role of a B2B SEO agency, and how can it benefit my business?

Role of B2B SEO Agency
Role of B2B SEO Agency

The role of a B2B SEO agency is to benefit businesses by solving challenges such as converting organic traffic into leads and sales and also ranking a B2B website with relevant search results. But how does an agency perform this on a website?

We keep it simple for our clients to understand. Leadsbait goes through:

  • A complete website audit– To find your website’s major problem
  • Keyword Research– Keywords your B2B target audience is searching for.
  • Competitors Analysis– Identifying the keywords on which your competitors rank on top.
  • On-Page SEO– Each page performs well and ranks on relevant SERPs.
  • Technical SEO– Fixing indexing and crawling issues.
  • Off-Page SEO– Backlink building and social media engagement.

These are major roles by an SEO firm that a B2B can most benefit from.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C SEO agencies?

Both of the agencies differ in a few ways such as:

B2B SEO Agency vs B2C SEO Agency
B2B SEO Agency vs B2C SEO Agency

B2B SEO Agencies:

B2B SEO agencies specifically target and create content tailored to specific niches. They aim to reach a select but valuable audience, crafting strategies that appeal to business professionals by focusing on industry trends, data-driven choices, and approaches centered on return on investment (ROI).

These agencies prioritize the quality of leads rather than quantity, focusing on metrics related to generating, nurturing, and converting high-value leads into enduring clients.

B2C SEO Agencies:

B2C SEO agencies focus on appealing to a wide audience and driving engagement. Their strategies aim to evoke emotions, align with consumer desires, and take immediate action. These agencies prioritize storytelling, visual appeal, and a smooth user experience.

In contrast to B2B agencies, B2C SEO companies prioritize volume and quick conversions. They measure success through metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and overall sales figures.

How much does B2B SEO services cost?

Pricing for any SEO services depends on the goals of the business. Some agencies may charge hourly, while others may offer package deals or customized pricing based on required services. B2B SEO services can range from a few hundred dollars per month for smaller projects to several thousand dollars per month for more extensive and comprehensive SEO campaigns.

Leadsbait is offering affordable customized pricing for our clients.

How long does B2B SEO take?

Ranking for keywords depends on the competitiveness of the keyword-focused. One-two-word keywords will have a higher keyword difficulty than a long-tail keyword. Three-four-word keywords have a lower search volume with a high CPC.

However, less traffic doesn’t necessarily equate to fewer leads. Quality content can attract potential leads and sales, even though SEO may take 3-6 months to rank on Google’s first page.

Is the agency up-to-date with SEO trends and algorithm changes?

To keep up, SEO agencies must be avid learners, continuously staying updated on the latest trends and algorithm changes that Google introduces. These changes directly impact how websites rank. For instance, if Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites or values high-quality content more, your website’s visibility will depend on those.

Performing according to the guidelines will make ranking easy in no time. Hence to improve visibility and ROI one must choose the B2B agency discreetly.

What tools and analytics does the agency use for B2B SEO?

Four B2B SEO Agency tools with company logos
B2B SEO Agency Tools

To grasp how well your keywords work online, you need to monitor the targeted keywords’ performance. The right resources empower us to fine-tune strategies, understand user behavior, and drive tangible results for our clients. Here’s a glimpse of the tools and analytics we use:

  • Google Search Console: Solves website indexing, search queries, and technical issues.
  • Google Analytics: Solves user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion metrics.
  • Semrush: It helps with comprehensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and backlink auditing.
  • Screaming Frog: This website crawler helps us identify Technical SEO issues.

These tools are sufficient to take on any B2B competitors.

Generate Leads With Us

With our tailored strategies, we’re dedicated to driving tangible results. Let us be your trusted ally on this journey, guiding you toward increased visibility, higher conversions, and amplified brand authority. Take the next step towards maximizing your business’s prospective – reach out to us today to embark on a transformational partnership that fuels your growth trajectory.


How does hiring a B2B SEO agency benefit my company?

Hiring a B2B SEO agency brings specialized expertise tailored to the complexities of business-to-business marketing. We understand the unique challenges and dynamics within the B2B space, enabling them to create targeted strategies to enhance your company’s online visibility, attract relevant leads, and increase conversions.

How does an agency do SEO for B2B products?

B2B SEO companies use a variety of strategies. We conduct extensive keyword research to understand the language and search intent of potential B2B customers. Then, website content, including blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages, integrates carefully selected keywords and provides valuable information that caters to the needs of B2B clients.

Can a B2B SEO agency help my business target specific industries or niches within the B2B market?

Yes, a B2B SEO agency can help your business target specific industries or niches within the B2B market. SEO firm refines their SEO strategies to relevant audiences by customizing keyword selection, content creation, and outreach efforts to resonate with their interests, pain points, and unique requirements of particular industries or niche segments.

How does a B2B SEO agency generate leads?

A B2B SEO agency generates leads through a combination of strategies by optimizing your website for relevant B2B keywords, creating valuable and informative content, and ensuring a user-friendly experience.
We also incorporate lead capture elements such as contact forms, call-to-actions (CTAs), and landing pages strategically placed across the website to convert visitors into leads. Continual analysis of data and user behavior allows us to refine tactics, ensuring a steady stream of quality leads for your business.

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