How to do SEO for Local Service-Based Businesses?

The people around you always search online for a solution whenever they face a problem. It is either they try to solve their own or find someone else to do it for them. In the same way, they require problem-solving services for different purposes. What will they do?

They dig on to Google for services to deal with the complication. Now, here you go to showcase your business in the locality. But you need SEO for local service-based businesses to get visibility.

Read along with the article to discover the strategies required.

Importance of SEO for local Service-Based Businesses

In today’s fast-paced digital age, you should build trust and online visibility to reach the targeted customers you desire. If you want to set up these, you must follow the guidelines of SEO.

Service-based businesses need to follow the strategies of SEO because your area-oriented targeted customers need to find the specific services online. They need to know how you can solve their problem.

How does Local SEO apply to Service-Area Businesses?

According to Google, you should have a planned layout for ranking the services you want to offer. There are several strategies to promote your company but first, identify the type of business you are.

SEO for local service-based businesses

Are you a home remodeler, electrical contractor, or a cleaning service?

Whatever you are, if you are only a fixed location-oriented service business then your business should optimize the services for that specified location. For example, local searches are “home remodelers in Belmont, California” or “HVAC repair near me”.

When service seekers search for this type of query, Google shows them the most reviewed business on the top and the service keywords customers searched for. Let’s dive in to learn how your business can beat competitors:

Google Business Profile Optimization

Any service business must optimize its Google Business Profile for local search to enhance local ranking and convert more customers. You won’t be visible in your location until your business is listed on Google with the top priorities they want your business to fulfill. They are:

  • Images- Photos of your work
  • Website- Website URL
  • Reviews/Ratings- Number of reviews and good ratings
  • Category- Service business keywords(with location)
  • Business Description- About your business
  • Business Location- Location availability for the service
  • Business Hours- Opening and Closing hours
  • Phone Number & Business Email- Both should be reachable
  • Questions & Answers- Short queries and solutions regarding services
Home improvement's Google business profile above US map
Example of GBP

The above checklist is the top priority after you have started the business. Make sure, you keep a constant update on Google My Business even if a small change is made to the business because this will convince the local customers to take action over business professionalism.

Local Keywords in Content

The main component to optimize your business for local SEO is to put local keywords on the website. Localized content provides a better user experience, connecting with the target audience on a more personal level. The way is “service + area(city/town)” such as “Electrical contractors in Huntsville, Alabama”.

If you have made a separate service page focusing on specific locations then the above strategy will work. For users, local search intent includes locational-based queries and local SEO ensures your business appears in relevant search queries.

Local SEO On-Page Optimization

The first basic principle of search engine optimization is doing On-Page. Your service-based business must optimize its pages in every area you serve. Customize every service area page with compelling meta titles and descriptions.

Put local keywords in H1 and H2 headings then describe the topics with localized content. While adding images to the pages include alt tags with the area keywords you are targeting. Also, include the location in the URL.

Mobile-friendly Website

As a user where would you search for services near your home? Definitely on your mobile phone, right?

Every person searches for local services on mobile phones rather than other devices. Every website should optimize for different screen sizes making it a responsive design. Allow the menu items a clear and concise navigation to keep the local audience on your website for a long time. This will build trust and credibility.

Your website must have a clickable phone number for one-touch dialing making the user call the service-based business at a glance. The targeted customers also look for physical offices if your business has any hence putting a Google map on your website will make the mobile users discover the area fast.

Online Reviews and Ratings

Whenever a customer finds your business online they initially check how well your services are by looking at the ratings and reviews given by other people who already have taken your local service. Your reviews matter a lot to the audience because sometimes these can convert more people to go with the services.

You as a business owner must encourage your customers to leave a review after the services are complete. Send them a convincing mail to make them give a rating and a review about your business which will be highlighted under your Google business profile. A good review will undeniably convince a new customer to contact your business.

Local Citations(NAP)

Yellow Pages & Yelp screenshot with contact icons and service provider illustrations.

NAP citations play a crucial role in local SEO where your business’s Name, Address, and Phone number are listed on various online platforms. Listing your business on local directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages will help the business get more visibility and be easily discoverable.

Also, list your business on niche directories ensuring the information aligns with your official NAP details.

Social Media Presence

Use social media to connect with the community, build brand awareness, and attract customers. Maintaining consistent branding across all social media platforms will help you earn more.

You can also share informative content about your services or industry. Establishing a consistent posting schedule will keep your customers engaged. Try to stay updated by adding yourself to different niche groups and pages. You can find many clients from there too.

Monitoring and Analytics

Look for the analytics almost every day of your business to understand which services and from which area your company is getting most called for.

Monitoring your local customers will help you understand their behavior and make data-driven decisions. At the same time, conduct a competitor analysis to find out how the business compares to others in your industry.

How does a Service Company stay ahead of the competition?

To rule the niche service industry, clearly define and communicate what sets the business apart from the competition whether it’s exceptional customer service, specialized expertise, or innovative solutions. Actively listen to customer needs and feedback to improve the work based on their input.

Follow the above steps to figure out your competitor’s weaknesses and outperform them. This will build a strong and memorable brand identity.

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How does the localization of Landing pages impact the Conversion rates for Service Businesses?

Localizing landing pages can significantly impact the conversion rates for service businesses, especially targeting specific geographic locations. Localized content resonates with local culture, language, and regional nuances making the page more relevant to the visitors.

Landing pages with region-specific keywords and information can also improve search engine rankings for relevant local queries, driving more qualified traffic to the page.

Do you want to grow your Service-Based Business with SEO?

If you want to stay away from expensive ads, SEO is just for you. The strategies we discussed will keep any business in the field for the long term. One must understand SEO is a long process, search engines will not allow you to rank until you follow their guidelines which is why it takes time to show up for every search query keyword your business is targeting.

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What is the difference between normal SEO and local SEO for service businesses?

Normal SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s online presence to reach a broader audience globally, while local SEO specifically targets a service business’s local area to attract nearby customers.

What are the major SEO mistakes to avoid for local service-based companies?

1. Ignoring to optimize and update Google My Business.
2. Inconsistent NAP information
3. Neglecting online reviews
4. Lack of localized content
5. Ignoring local citations
6. Not utilizing local schema markup

In what ways can schema markup be utilized for local SEO in service industries?

In many ways, schema markup can be utilized for local SEO to help search engines understand and display relevant information in local search results such as local business markup, service markup, reviews and rating markup, and location page markup.

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